By: Justin

May 25 2010

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Category: human condition, introspection, photography, reflection, stream of consciousness

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Focal Length:120mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

after the rains, the world is renewed, the earth is cleansed and the green reaches towards the white sky. catharsis. sometimes, all it takes is a good talk with a friend to find that you aren’t alone in your feelings. in fact, there are most certainly people around you who are going through the same feelings as you. you just have to know how to open up, and be vulnerable for a moment, reach out out from underneath your rock, from inside your shell, and take a little risk, although if you’re with the right people, then it’s not a risk at all, and you know that you will openly embraced and welcomed. you will be comforted, and it is that sense of camaraderie that strengthens the bonds between people. the next time you’re feeling down, talk to someone you trust, talk to a loved one. it’s almost certain that you’ll come out of it feeling better.


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