tuppence for aids

coins scattered on the scaffold of a church in macau, undoubtedly people wishing for good fortune, hoping to appease whatever gods there are out there with a token offering.

What if these token offerings were collected, and went towards waging one of the many medical wars that are going on today? Take AIDS for example. There was an article in the New York Times today about the fight against AIDS, and how we are losing. As the article states, “for every 100 people put on treatment, 250 are newly infected” and “of the 33 million people infected, 14 million are immuno-compromised enough to need drugs now, under the latest World Health Organization guidelines”. This is troubling. Because of the economic downturn, donations have reached an all-time low as philanthropists are no longer as willing to part with their capital. Despite the average 10 billion given by the donors, only 4 million of the 33 million people infected are being treated right now, and people are getting turned away from clinics.

“No commander in the global fight openly concedes that the war is over, but all admit to deep pessimism”

This is highly disturbing. What do you think? What are your ideas to help remediate this situation? All the solutions so far have been ineffective and impractical, and I believe that we can do better. Spend some time today to think about this.


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