By: Justin

May 07 2010

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Category: landscape, nature, photography, portrait, science


Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D90

the raptor launches itself from the fence post, its wings widespread, its eyes razor sharp, ready for the hunt


6 comments on “predator”

  1. That’s an incredible photograph. Did you take it? If so, congrats.
    I can’t even get a focussed shot of my pet parrot sitting on a perch indoors.

  2. Holyyy how did you get this shot yo!?

  3. @ Liz: yeah i did, thanks! =) i got a bit lucky with this shot, cuz the other ones i got, the bird was partly out of the frame.

  4. Me again.
    I’ve mentioned you and this photo in my latest blog post here.

  5. thanks for the mention! i’m honoured to be linked on your blog =)

  6. […] of a shot that I stumbled across whilst browsing the WordPress blogs. It’s a photo of a raptor in flight taken by J. Hayashi. He said in one of his comments that he was a ‘bit lucky with this shot’, but […]

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