Larger than Life

By: Justin

Oct 12 2008

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In the English language, the word “beginning” describes a state of something starting. There is a beginning to our day, to our lives, to our long-awaited summer vacation. But these beginnings are rather insignificant when one contemplates the beginning of it all. Humans were quite a recent addition to this Earth, and, in the timeline of history, we have existed for the briefest of moments. I employ the term ‘history’ as the time that has passed since the creation of this universe. However, that might not be all there is. What was there before this universe? It is said that the universe is constantly expanding, always stretching outwards, until it reaches a maximum, at which it begins to collapse back into itself. Liken this to a ball thrown upwards. What comes up, must come down, and the universe is theorized to be quite similar. Were there universes before us? Was there truly a beginning to it all? Take a moment to think this through.

So where did it all begin? Why is a universe created? Is life really that random that everything occurs by chance? Was there some advantage to having a universe as opposed to not having one? As we can observe in nature, many things occur because it is efficient to do so. Chemical reactions are spontaneous because it results in a lower energy state at the end of a reaction (perhaps, a gross simplification of the reality). Would it not make sense, then, that the big bang was a spontaneous chemical reaction? Here, there is a divergence. If something like the big bang occurred spontaneously, it would imply that there are many different universes out there, since it would be energy efficient to do so. Or, the big bang could be a chemical reaction that is extremely stereospecific and/or has an exceptionally high activation energy barrier to overcome, in which case, there would be very few universes. A third possibility relates back to the first. Perhaps the creation of a universe is spontaneous, but once the spontaneous reaction occurs, it is not favourable for the same reaction to occur again. This implies that there is only one universe. Now, I would like you to picture a universe.

What did you picture? A swirling mass of darkness? A pulsing vortex of radiant light? We don’t actually know what a universe looks like. We can imagine, but will we ever know? It is hard to imagine something of that magnitude, when it is impossible for us to survive making it out of the solar system. So when did everything begin? What was it like in the past universe? How long has this been happening? Where and how did everything begin? Is this the first instance of sentient life? It might be possible that we are just repeating what happened many many eons ago. Let us propose that each universe has a ‘life span’ from its creation to its ultimate end. If that is the case, how many lives have there been? Have there been concurrent lives? Is there only a universe, or are there multiverses, each existing simultaneously, vastly different or surprisingly similar to each other? I find it hard to imagine an absolute beginning.

I was reminded that everything in this world is in balance. This point is debatable. For light, there is dark. For matter, there is antimatter. We must, however, consider the fact that the concept of “opposite” is a human creation. Is something truly opposite when we say it is? Do we only say dark is the opposite of light because we can see in light, and we can’t (unless you happen to be the owner of some spiffy night vision goggles) in the dark? There are undoubtedly animals that can see equally well in the light or dark; I’m thinking of the cat (okay, so maybe not equally well). We also say that there are opposite colours, such as red and green, blue and orange (the colour wheel…I might have this wrong, but you get the point). But what about the animals that are colour blind? Or animals that can’t see altogether? We say sound is the opposite of silence, but that is only because our ears can’t hear all frequencies. Thus, things exist in nature, and they are not necessarily present in pairs, although there does seem to be a significance to duality (electrons in an orbit, etcetera). There are many things, such as sightings of ghosts and supernatural deaths in hotel rooms, that cannot be explained by science. Is this evidence for an underworld, a hellish place? And if so, does it follow that, in order to balance this existence out, there must be a heaven? I personally disagree. I lack faith. I base my beliefs in empiricism (learning by observation) and logic. What about you?

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6 comments on “Larger than Life”

  1. I personally prefer to take a combination of science and religion. It is very hard to picture an atom becoming the massive universe that we have today. I’m not denying that that one atom can indeed become the universe as we know it today but where did the atom come from? In my opinion there must of been some sort of higher being that started it all, now whether or not this being made the universe as big as it is, or started it small and just watched it grow and evolve on its own I do not know. And even this is flawed as how did this greater being come to be? one of the questions i ask myself if i am asked if i am religious or not.

    Anyways there are no perfect opposites, either way we’re all made up of energy. Negative and positive energy, yin and yang, when it comes down to it, its still all energy. even in fiction, you have an evil twin yet they are only opposite in your personality. However seeing how the world wants everything to be in equilibrium I still believe that there always must be balance in the world.

    anyways, just throwing that out there.

  2. It’s like the economy, there is the ups and downs.

    Everything is based on perspective (think the Matrix XD). Why isn’t the colour red the colour green? If you told a kindergarten class that the colour red is actually the colour green, then they would believe the colour green is red. But if you, a person who has grown accustomed to society, said that green was red, then you are deemed as merely abnormal because you have a different perspective.

    I read in the Toronto Star how there is a new psychological problem where people believe they are being watched. As if they are in a little TV box, and someone is watching whatever they do. Thus, they become paranoid and becoming delusional. But are they paranoid and delusional? In Christianity, they tell you that God is watching (over) you. When you were a kid, someone older than you told you that Santa is watching you, so you better be good or else you’ll get coal. I mean for the first 11 years of my life I actually believed that you couldn’t subtract from a smaller number (i.e 1-2, 2-3, 5-110.)

    Therefore, whether the world balance is all up to you. I’m not going to tell you the world is messed. In the words of Nakiami from Xam’d: Lost Memories, think for yourself.

  3. Et cetera is two separate words.

  4. What’s the universe expanding into?

  5. your face. OH YES I WENT THERE. WHAT NOW!

  6. Doesn’t make sense.

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