camera and binoculars – joey yung’s starlight concert

By: Justin

Oct 04 2008

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Focal Length:10.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S600

so last night, i went to joey yung’s concert “starlight”. sponsored by tai pan tours and rogers, as well as many other companies (joey said the beds were very comfortable at her hotel :P…i think that was hilton suites), it was pretty spectacular, with a good turnout (not spectacular, cuz there were still empty seats). the songs were pretty good, even though i didn’t know a bunch of them (not being a fan has drawbacks haha). the crowd enthusiastically waved their light sticks for pretty much the entire concert. there was some intense dancing. if only joey could create “hai fun” or a better spirit in the crowd…she just kept saying that she was very very happy to be here…in vancouver lmao haha. she promised to sing three more songs because of that slip up haha. but yeah, she didn’t have much to talk about, unlike the jacky cheung concert, where jacky had tons of stuff to talk about.

at the end, she performed “all summer holiday”, giving the crowd a cheerful “bye bye!” before leaving. then, she came back on the stage and did her encore in a fluffy pink dress. that was expected. the house lights came on and then people began to leave, filtering out the back of the ACC. but the dedicated fans stayed behind and pounded the seats, shouting “JOOO EEEE” and stomping their feet on the ground. and then her band came back on as did she and did another round of encores, where she took requests from the crowd and it was only then that she sang her most famous song: “my pride/我的驕傲”. “how could i forget to sing that song? haha” were her words. the crowd made a lot of noise after she left the stage for the third time, but this time it was final, and despite all the noise we made (it WAS a lot of noise), the concert ended and a fat guy down near the stage had to shoo people away. that was our cue to leave.

so i had originally brought my slr camera with a 18-200 mm lens with hopes of getting good pictures. but apparently, there was a 75 mm limit on the cameras brought in =/ which kinda sucked. i had brought my smaller nikon camera (coolpix s600), but it didn’t have a full battery so i ran out half way through. we were also at the back, so it was impossible to get close up shots with just the camera. luckily, we had brought binoculars, so i put the lens into the eyehole and took pictures that way. the downfall to this was that it was hard to focus and all the pictures came out somewhat blurry (although there are some good ones in there). next time, i’ll hide my lens in a puffy jacket and go in with my 18-70 mm or something like that. so yeah! lots of photos for this post, so enjoy! i apologize beforehand for the crappy quality of some of these photos XD


3 comments on “camera and binoculars – joey yung’s starlight concert”

  1. You can take pictures from binoculars? Lmfao cool.

    She looks like a ghost in some of those pictures. =/

  2. my eye hurts.
    my left eye.


  3. Random singer I do not know of…
    Instead I was hanging out at Nuit Blanche till 1 in the morning! WEEEEEE crepes~

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