Jay Chou seen in Toronto!

so i caught jay chou visiting ucc, but he wanted to keep it a secret. so he flipped me off as i took a picture.

so tony is a clone of jay chou. or rather, jay chou is a clone of tony. don’t they look similar? he obviously doesn’t appreciate me taking a picture of him though.

see? 😛


5 comments on “Jay Chou seen in Toronto!”

  1. sigh.

  2. I’m sure someone is going to go less than 3 (<3)
    But I thought Hoomoo said that Tony is a girl…unless he’s male this week?

  3. Ahahahahahaha I flipped off Mike too when he took the picture but he wasn’t fast enough and the picture doesn’t have me flipping him off.

  4. XD
    you know who’s going to go <3?
    that girl – bleagh or something. hahaha tony

  5. Lmfao what kind of girl has an online name “bleargh” =/

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