more of the boston subway system

By: Justin

Sep 15 2008

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Category: photography


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

another picture i took in the bostom subway system haha.


6 comments on “more of the boston subway system”

  1. Stalker much. Why you stalking random wimminz.

  2. ^you’re one to talk for being able to be the first commenter in this post (as well as several others)and to be able to post on the same? I give you extra stalker points to you.

  3. *on the same day
    man…that was…bad x.X

    Sorry for double posting.

  4. I do recall him saying he was going to post daily. Taking 2 seconds off my life everyday to click a bookmark link is clearly stalking.

  5. I’m sure you check your stupid anime blogs with more frequency than me.

  6. it’d be funny if she came across this pic

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