jessica’s house

By: Justin

Sep 09 2008

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Category: photography


Focal Length:5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S600

i promised to upload these yesterday, but yeah. umm one of these aren’t rotated. but so what.


5 comments on “jessica’s house”

  1. You fucking stalker.

  2. blame hoomoo 😦

  3. Lol
    looks like a model home thanks to your pro camera. Also, you could artistically….claim that you took the picture side ways cause it looks better/cooler/prettier/different whatever.

    You seem to be updating a lot ^^

  4. lol they’re not that great. and i DID say i was going to try to make this a daily thing.

  5. HAHHAHAHAAH I thought taht sideways pic was a new room XD
    I got so excited there =(

    SOOOOO this was with the point and shoot..or your cell?

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