taiwan – first week

so the first week of the training is over and now we’re at our respective schools. The training itself was none too exciting, but the people we met and things we did in what little time we had outside of class was pretty awesome. not sure how prepared we are for the teaching though, since the training was a bit hack. my mandarin is terrible too, since i’ve been told that i have an extremely heavy accent and that they would prefer that i stay in english =/ so yeah. help.

some highlights in the past week would include the last night: sneaking down to the pool/hot springs and getting in after a lot of bargaining (not by me :P), going to the beach after lunch, learning and performing a dance with one of the groups, and just getting to know a bunch of awesome (well, for the most part) people. it’s been hella good. now we’re gonna actually start teaching. so wish us luck. cuz we’re gonna need it.

how’re things back in t-dot?


5 comments on “taiwan – first week”

  1. I think it’s great you volunteered. Have fun!

  2. I’m glad you’re having fun ^^

    Over here? Let’s just say it’s as slow as the pacing in Naruto.

    Ganbatte otou-san ><


  4. shello justin!
    no idea you owned a wordpress (:
    my username gives my name, hope you remember the pokemon fan-stealer at jinshan 😀

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