on washroom doors

all doors should have their “push” side facing the inside so you can push on the door to leave the washroom. XD this is because after you go to the washroom, you (usually) wash your hands, then go to leave, often without fully drying them, especially in those washrooms without paper towels. so then, you reach for the handle and you twist the knob and pull to open the door, leaving water on the knob. and then the next person comes along and touches it and goes “wtf is this piss?” and gets incredibly grossed out. It’s also better for the majority of the population, since the select individuals that don’t wash their hands will leave the contents of their piss (or crap) on the door handle for other people to pick up, which isn’t exactly desirable. It doesn’t take too much effort to do this, and it’s ergonomic. so yes. XD we should start a “all doors should push out of washrooms” movement. Then again, you could use paper towel to pull open the door. But that would be wasting paper. And there isn’t always paper.


4 comments on “on washroom doors”

  1. The inner theater of otou-san: washrooms and doors lol

    I guess the people who installed the washroom doors did not think hard enough.

    Also, if you don’t have paper towels after you washed your hands, you would usually a) use toilet paper instead, or b) use your shirt since it is just water. You could also do what some Japanese people do and bring handkerchief/face towels around with you in your bag. But then again, most guys carry that stuff around probably in case a girl starts crying like in all those Shoujo anime.

  2. mhmm… interesting thought, Justin.
    Although when going in and out of places like the mall or the bank, you pull to go in and push to go out. It used to be push to get in, pull to get out. I’m told (by adults) that it used to be like that so robbers had to actually stop to pull on the door. Meh. Not a lot of robbers these days… or at least where I am

  3. someone touched a wet doorknob today. doorknob on a bathroom door = the one in the english wing. gg

  4. udh fireworkz.

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