Halo and the Real World

Halo: Combat Evolved, without question, revolutionized the video game industry, and was one of the most popular games out on the market. However, it also seems to be affecting the real world as well. A personal body armour is being developed by scientists, which give humans superhuman strength and unnatural abilities. This “armour”, as of the moment, is something of an exoskeleton, but add a shell around these bits and you have Master Chief, or any other SPARTAN, for that matter. Go here for more info on this. Here’s a nice picture. Add a bit of plating and presto, you have a character straight out of a video game.

To further mix things up, Boeing is testing an “Advanced Tactical Laser” or ATL for short that uses a laser to destroy enemy targets. Now the world is starting to look like Star Wars. With all of these new technologies being worked on, it’s no dream to think that super soldiers will be roaming the Earth by 2552 (the year Halo is set in)…it might even be a lot sooner than that.

Another interesting thing is the Yamaha Tesseract concept, which is basically a four-wheeled motorbike that, while it is safer, allows for the same kind of turns that a two-wheeled motorcycle can perform. Although there is no set release date, it looks pretty cool. I might get my M just to try this one out XD.

Here’s another brainwave: chat windows that look like word documents. This would make parents less suspicious if you were typing in a word document, rather than a small chat window. Somebody should definitely mod a chat window or create a skin that makes it look exactly like Microsoft Word or another similar program (Pages, Notepad, Wordpad). Keeping the font a neutral black colour would also help, as it words appearing on the screen are not abnormal in a Word Document, unless they were in funky colours…then the parents might start wondering what you’re up to. But yeah. That’s another idea to consider XD.


6 comments on “Halo and the Real World”

  1. …the idea of everything going to look like star wars is moderately terrifying. cool bike, though

  2. Otou-san played Halo? 0.0
    Hai…and…what about Gundam! D: Freedom and Justice!/ Justice is crap. It’s all about Freedom XD

  3. THE HELL?!
    Ugh yeah camping out on WordPress is definitely the new cool.

  4. rofl the Land Warrior program has been going on for a loooooooooooooooooong time. America’s already got a brigade deployed in either Iraq or Afghanistan (can’t remember). Nano armour technology also isn’t new. The game CRYSIS was based of the Future Forces program which is researching nano technology for like the past 4 years, prolly longer than that. The ATL is basically just a more powerful version of the Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser, which had been under researching since the 1980s. Now the THEL is an awesome piece of technology. Its a land based laser cannon that can destroy missles and whatnot but can be powerful enough to shoot down enemy aircraft. Also theres now stuff that can make the folders look like picture files. Very useful for hiding your underage tentacle beastiality lolicon porn Justin. Just throwing that out there.

  5. ^ Corrupting my brain…IT’S A CONSPIRACY! (NHK! Reference neh?)

    ah yeah…they used something to blow up some satellite thing. Mr. Szymannis (American history teacher) tried to demonstrate to use how it worked. Except my pencil case was a victim once again, and was thrown across the room -.-

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