only in bio class

Kill a man, and you are an assassin.

Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror.

Kill everyone, and you are a god.

-Jean Rostand

Just a fun quote. XD. So yesterday, during my tennis lesson, I realized how out of shape I was (actually it was more like confirmed…i already sorta knew I was way out of shape). But just running on a treadmill is sorta boring. So what we should do is a movie marathon. Literally. Get a bunch of treadmills into a big room that has a huge projection screen. Imagine a movie theatre…with treadmills instead of seats. That way, you could exercise and watch a movie at the same time: two birds with one stone! I think running for an entire feature-length movie would probably burn quite a lot of calories. Of course, it could get a bit dangerous if you got to absorbed into the movie and fall off the treadmill, which could turn out quite nasty. But yeah. Just an idea.

Ode to Banana

The delicious yellow curve

Brown freckles crowned in glory

You are different

A difficult skin to shed

But worth every moment spent,

Sweet white flesh awaits beneath

Tender to the tongue’s touch

Melting into an explosion

An unforgettable flavour

It’s too bad

that good things

don’t last forever

Ended this in a cliche way. It could cut off before the ellipses I guess. That’s it for today. XD


6 comments on “only in bio class”

  1. ahaha nice idea Justin.
    …but no thanks
    cool poem. especially since it’s about bananas

  2. Play Wii Fit! Play DDR! Play run around chasing pigeons!

    That should burn off a lot of fatty fat~

    Or you could do what those pop idols in japan and korea do. Sing their song while running. That way when they dance they don’t sound like shit. Perfect way to practice for karaoke. More effective than practicing during your spare.

    But you should run outside. It’s really nice outside ^^ Not to cold, not too warm. So it is very refreshing ^^ Also there aren’t any mosquito’s yet! So no itch when you get back XD

    it was very descriptive. in more ways than one XD

    slashhh that quote is too awesome. XD

    good to see that you’re exercising LOL

    gonna run today ^^

  4. btw that poem was the weirdest thing ever.
    Ums but yeahhhh you’re a god. DON’T KILL ME PLS.

    gg tennis lesson. I read time magazine when i’m on the treadmill at the gym.

  6. Nice Idea Very Descriptive too

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