Whenever I look at adults, I think of how they used to be children. I try to imagine what their childhood must have been like to result in the person that I see in the street, in the subway…I find other peoples’ stories very interesting. Where did they grow up? What kind of family did they have? Were they an only child? What affected them the most in their life? Does that ever happen to you? If you really think about it, the adults aren’t any more sure about what they’re doing that we are. Sure they have a couple of decades more of experience, but going through life is not something that they have done before – we go through life once and only once. “There is no rehearsal for life” – you only get one shot, so we can only learn from our mistakes and learn from the mistakes of others, but is that enough not to screw up the world completely? Only time will tell. I end up thinking: do the adults really know what they’re doing with the world? At this point in our lives, we are basically the same as we will be for the rest of our lives. The only thing that will really shape what we become now will be our experiences and the people we meet. There should be a course on how to manage the world, because otherwise, we’ll just keep on having to take the ropes by ourselves, and making the same mistakes, causing the same scandals…but I guess that’s just human nature.

The UN announced that “global warming” is now over, and that “global cooling” is the problem now. COMPLETE opposite. How did they come up with that? Isn’t it more like global EXTREME TEMPERATURES? Global climate change is more like what’s happening I think: the glaciers ARE melting, so it’s more like we’re getting increasingly extreme temperatures…like it’s a week into spring and we still have snow on the ground…and last year we didn’t even HAVE that much snow at all! So that’s interesting.

Today is the beginning of the spring season of anime, so looking forward to the many new series that are going to be coming out, although i’m probably going to have to wait til summer, cuz these two months are going to be incredibly busy. With that, comes the conclusion of many other series, such as Clannad, Gundam 00 (definitely worth a watch, SPOILER BUT NOT REALLY not a cliffhanger ending like code geass) bamboo blade is ending, and some other stuff is ending as well.
If nothing ever ends, then nothing new can ever begin. So when you wish for something to last forever, do you really mean it? Wouldn’t you eventually get bored of everything staying completely static in your lives? Then again, that’s what most of us end up doing anyways: it’s called marriage – you (hopefully) want it to last as long as possible, although things might not always work that way. On the other hand, marriage isn’t completely static: there are many interesting things that happens in that sort of relationship…at least it should XD.

Are lovers just really really really really really really great friends? Or is there something beyond that? Some people say that in life, you only ever have to find that one best friend out there, the person to spend the rest of your life with. I figure I’m not the only one out there thinking about this stuff….or maybe I am…amongst the people that read this blog anyways XD but yeah.


5 comments on “procrastination”

  1. First post i win.

    Gogogo! Buy a hummer save the enviroment! Glaciers shall my climbing at an alarming rate in a few years just like in the early 1990s! Notice how we’re having the snow just like in the early 1990s, just more extreme. So yea gg, ozone layer going away = bad, but global warming and cooling is just a cycle, so it is not pro to refer to global warming and cooling as bad things. And yes lovers are just really really great friends. Take the two characters in Baccano for instance. They are very happy together. lawl. Self-help books talk a lot about managing life. gogogo read read read! POWER OF NOW! CARPE DIEM!

    Just throwing that out there.

  2. Yes two months incredibly busy with…ASIAN PASSING BIOPHSYCCHEM! ;.; Too many anime to watch damn it.

    And yahhhh the world is ending! Global cooling= DAY AFTER TOMORROW! Meaning a TWO HOUR ICE AGE!!!! lol XD

    Yahhhhh lovers are people who meet at a night club and then get married while drunk in las vegas~~!!!! Right…-.-‘

    Ah whatever~ I don’t plan on getting married because the Panda Army General is and will be too busy controlling the world. However, friends are always welcome to stay at my panda battleship 0.0,

    Yeahhhhh TomoyaxNagisa= Usio~~~!! that movie…was gay.

  3. ||
    \\ / |’-|–|\…\
    \ \_ / |–|—|\\…\
    / L \____,/——-\___\______\
    | LOL |———–O—– —–,\
    \ L /______,—”————,/
    / / \___________,/
    // ____//___ __\\__/


  5. That’s a LOLLOCOPTER.

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