for a change

that smell of irises,
rosy red ribbons
with pastel blue,
that swirl of elation
fluttering up in the cavity
where the heart lies.
am I hallucinating?
is this an illusion?
will this disappear
when I reach out
to touch it, to smell it,
to feel it, to love it?
please don’t go,
we are transient guests
in this flowery field,
but even so,
stay a bit longer, linger
a while, there’s still time yet
before this ends.
so far it’s been great.
let’s keep it that way.


5 comments on “for a change”

  1. …I don’t know why, but this poem hits home.

  2. Someone’s a druggie. Hallucinations.


  4. hello ,
    you do not sound like an empiricist to me.

    i like the photography, and the writing.

    peace and blessings


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