how i go

we learned in Beowulf that throughout life, we face everything alone. but do we really? take the fear of death for example. many people fear death. in fact, i would say most people do, in some way, shape, form, or magnitude. so are you truly alone in fearing death? in every second, people around the world are breathing their last breath, preparing to finally take their exeunt and final bow on the stage of life (for is not “all the world a stage and all the men and women merely players”?). at the moment of death, it is highly likely that somewhere in the world, others are losing their life as well, although you may not be right beside them at that moment (not that you would probably be conscious enough to notice them), but in that case, are we truly alone? we may think that we are the only ones in the world facing some specific problem, but most of the time, this is not the case. somewhere out there, in the vast expanse of this life-bearing globe is at least one other person who is facing the exact same thing you are. it is only a matter of finding the person with the same problems, and then, you are not alone, although that illusion might be present.

“and my heart beats like timpani drums
keeping the time while the symphony strums”


2 comments on “how i go”

  1. OMFG T___________________________T HOW I GO.
    And way to trivialise our problems…we like to think we’re unique with our problems XD

  2. …and by thinking our problems are unique, then it sometimes makes us think no one else anywhere understands what we’re going through, whatever it is.
    And you’re updating a lot.

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