sticky note songs

i call these my sticky note songs. they’re quite a recent brainwave of mine haha. just lyrics of songs maybe? however due to the fact that i have no sense of instrumentation required for these kinds of lyrics as well as the fact that i can’t really sing, these will probably never actually be made into songs. plus they’re only parts of lyrics. no songs are actually done. maybe one day they will be. but yeah. maybe i’ll write some happier ones later.

title: hate you too
surrounded by billions of voices in my head
the only solace in your voice standing out above the rest
I strain my ears to hear the precious melody
but instead you speak softer and whisper
until i can’t hear you
where did you go?
why did you leave?
was i not good enough?
i hate you too

title: striped black tights

the world collapses in a shower of purple sparks
black tights wound around your shoulders
move up, creep up around your neck
my heart trembles and i suddenly feel older
a lightning bolt into my chest
i thought you were my better half
but obviously you didn’t feel the same
and now i’m drowning in the aftermath

title: XD
crossed so tight no
need to be so tense
why don’t you loosen
up relax a little
and listen to my song

title: ??

after falling for so long
you’re bound to have shaky legs

title: ??

strumming on heartstrings
with knives of emotion
bullets of words that sting
a hundred times worst than
red mark on my face

haha thus concludes today’s sticky note songs

so what if you can see, the darker side of me XD haha


3 comments on “sticky note songs”

  1. …what were you doing before you wrote these?

  2. studying for exams lol XD

  3. title: ??

    after falling for so long
    you’re bound to have shaky legs

    My favourite =]

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