a moment of millions

I don’t know why i keep writing poetry…i guess i’m too lazy to type my other stuff out. lol. here it is:

I need a moment of millions, trillions, brilliance

A fountain tap of inspiration, creation, titration,

Of dripping acid in base, pace – mace

In the eyes – oh stinging! Ringing! Singing

High A flats of shrillness, keenness, princess

Walking down the hallway, fall-way, highway

Speeding down reckless, careless, fearless

Walk off the edge and fly, reply, high

On something out of this world, hurled, swirled

In my coffee a pinch of disaster, plaster, faster –

Spiraling down into infinity, trinity, simplicity

Two colours merge into one, run, done

All at once to crying, dying, sighing

Deep blue breaths and orange howl, jowl, towel

Wet drip drip drip around, resound, rebound

Up on the glassy board, fjord, lord

Save us now or never forever remember

The moon when it used to shine, line, divine

A pen, a future waiting to be told, sold,

A cold bite on dust, must, trust

I need a moment of millions

To break through your cold heart, heart, heart


3 comments on “a moment of millions”

  1. Woah, HD. Nice. You’re really good at writing poetry.

  2. i llike it..

    I love you haha. Spastiiiiiic.

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