A Poem

This is a poem that I wrote in a while ago. It has some basis in reality, but most of it is made up as well. It was written in another person’s shoes.

untitled…for now šŸ˜›

she spoke of it as if it had all been a game,

as if they hadn’t really felt anything for each other

as if it had all been fake

like a boy who realizes that his toy just isn’t

all that great as he thought it would be

reality is often deceiving, a hidden truth

in plain view, or a lie incognito as a

truth is I don’t love you was what

she said, what she realized, as she moved

from number 6 to number 7, promises

long forgotten, kisses, hugs gifts all lost

in that void that received it, leaving the

source with mere echoes, reflections of their

feelings that they thought were real

It was like it was a business – if

it didn’t work out, declare bankruptcy

another book closed and on to the next

big idea that was bound to succeed for

sure, at least that was what she thought and hoped

maybe, and that guy would think, it will be

me, I will be the one forever, forever

forever, as if they would last for all of

eternity to infinity, only to be crushed

by the implosion of that eternity, that forever,

to two three, four, five months, years?

She leaves behind in her footsteps, borken

hearts, which shrivel up and die in her cruelty,

lives changed forevermore, as the Raven said,

and never truer did it speak, for

the greatest truths are often the greatest lies as well

there is no fine line I love you.


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